There is nothing like coming around the bend and seeing the Mighty Ohio River glistening in the sunlight for the first time. The light dances across the top of the water, while ducks quietly bob along against the backdrop of the foothill of the Appalachians. The hills are high and foliage is dense, but the hills reach out and softly roll to the west as golden sunlight grazes the tops of them just before dusk.

From the rolling hills of western Meigs County to The Mighty Ohio River and her crown of cliffs to the east, you will discover plenty of beautiful scenery. Tucked among the hills clinging to the banks of the river, and through backcountry roads, you will also discover a vibrant community, unique experiences, talented artisans, and one-of-a-kind businesses.

What are you ready to discover?

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Joining the Meigs County Chamber Helped Me Grow as a Leader and as a Business Owner

“I’m not sure that you can put a price on the value I’ve been given by our local Chamber of Commerce. They spend their work week doing the behind the scenes work on our local economy that really drives community and business. The network I’ve developed through the chamber is also invaluable!”

– Chase Jenkins of Uplift Fitness, Member Since 2018

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