SOCA Benefit Plan is a new self-funded health program that can lead to more rate stability and is a smart solution that offers potential savings for groups with 50 or fewer employees, SOCA has teamed up with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to administer this plan and to provide stop less coverage.

Chamber Energy Program’s community Energy Advisers (CEA) is a Public Utilities commission of Ohio (PUCO). By staying one step ahead of changes in the energy industry and utilizing analytics, advanced tariff modeling and reporting, CEA delivers a multitude of energy management solutions that positively impact customers’ bills.

Elavon US Bank Processing is a leading payment processor which provides you with innovative payment solutions to enhance your business. Chamber members who take advantage of Elavon’s payment processing program will get the Chamber’s preferred partner pricing.

Legal Shield | ID Shield: We believe every family and every business deserves affordable legal and identity theft protection, including you. No matter how traumatic or trival your situation. and no matter how large or small your business, we are here to help.

Many small business owners wish they could provide employees with a retirement plan, but are concerned about potential costs, lack of time and expertise, fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities. The Pooled Employer Plan (PEP), available January 2021, is a new kind of defined contribution plan similar to the 401 (k) plans offered by individual employers, but with many advantages for your business and your employees. Employers of all sizes, industries, locations etc. can join together and become a “member employer” through the SOCA PEP. In the SOCA PEP, member employers can take advantage of: Cost Efficiencies, Fiduciary Risk Mitigation, Operational Outsourcing, and Increased Focus.

Grow your bottom line with effective HR Solutions. Your organization’s most valuable resource is your people. Our HR experts can help you find and identify the right talent using effective recruitment methods/tools, develop welcoming onboarding practices, set clear expectations with an employee handbook, navigate your compliance requirements, and more.